Friday, December 5, 2008

Good Night, Good Morning, Good Night!

The other night I was out late and came home to my husband shouting for me to "Come quick!" I look down the hallway to our bathroom and see R sitting on our bathroom stool and my husband laughing hysterically. Apparently, R had been sleepwalking and my husband wanted to see what she would do and not interfere. Men. So you figure out the rest of the story. Ha. Ha. Guess who had to clean up the rest of the story?

R was still not awake while I gave her a shower. She would follow my commands, but she wasn't there. It wasn't till 10 minutes later that she woke up and asked why her hair was wet... Did I forget to mention she didn't remember the incident the next day???

Next day. This is what I woke up.

That is a Nalgene bottle lid. You know, the virtually indestructible water bottles? Well, it was no match for my dishwasher. The funny thing is, I didn't smell any scorched plastic while the dishwasher was going, but when we melted it off, it smelled terrible.

After that, we did this.

The End.


Dreams of mommyhood said...

You my dear lead such an interesting life!!! =) I envy you. =)

Holly said...

Wow, sleepwalking...that would either creep me out, or be super funny. Glad you guys had a good laugh!