Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am not a domestic goddess.

Some mothers make fantabulous dress up outfits for their children. I don't. I give my children old socks. They don't know any better and they absolutely love it. Hopefully none of their friends will let them in on what a bum deal it actually is. Now these aren't just old tube socks, my feet have to have fancy pants socks. I cut off the feet when they are dead and they use the rest as leg warmers, arm warmers or clothes for their animals.

Notice my lovely model P sporting her personal favorites.

Part 2.
I was flipping through some Good Housekeeping magazines the other day, courtesy of my grandmother, and came across a whole spread on fancy cupcakes. Unfortunately for me, P was with me at the time. Her birthday was just a couple weeks away and she spied her dream cake. Cupcakes that is. GAK! Pandas are her second favorite animal, pigs being her most favorite. Here is my sad attempt at recreating them. Individually they don't look so bad, but together they look like they might come to life and do bad things. Good thing for me, 4 and 5 years don't know the difference. In the words of one child, "This is totally awesome!".


Hope said...

Boxes have always been my children's toy of choice. Especially the diaper boxes from Costco. They are cars, trains, etc. The Panda Cupcakes are so CUTE! You did an awesome job on them.

Holly said...

Those are hilarious! Mostly because of your "bad things comment". But really, you did an awesome job!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Not a bum deal at all, I love it :) !!

And those cupcakes looked way cute in person (and they look good in the photo, too). I think you did a fabulous job!

RORYJEAN said...

I think those cupcakes look awesome! I'm scracthing my head trying to figure out how you made them, though. Very cool.

Apollo's favorite toy is old broken cell-phones. Oh man, and do I have A TON of those (I'm cursed- mine always break). I'll have to try the sock thing- although I dont have any reject socks as cute as the ones Paige is sporting.