Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Little Itty Bitty Toys

I am addicted to my daughter's toys. Specifically these adorable little animals. She must have at least 50 of them and they take up no space whatsoever. 5 or 6 of them fit nicely in the palm of my hand. That is my definition of the best toy ever. And they are so cute. How could anyone not love these little faces?

Guess what someone is getting for Christmas? Yep. In my defense, animals are her favorite thing to play with and she plays with these every day. Me too. Well, ok, ALMOST every day.

Ladybugs, snails, wiener dogs, huskies, mice, butterflies....too many cute options.

I wish I had recorded the cute little voices she was doing. So quiet. So tiny. So unlike her. She has two volumes - loud & louder.

Our happy little world...complete with 2 pink piggies, jet ski and a soaker tub. Notice the tiny toothbrush & toothpaste in the foreground? Too cute...

Charlotte's Web. I mean really, how cute is that?

Ahhhh, shag.....Someone got tired playing with her toys.

Post tally:

Used the word "cute" - 5 times.


lefty said...

hmm. maybe i'll think about them for Christmas. I think Anna would like 'em. They are small...that is somewhat a selling point.

Love your final picture of the little girl sleeping after playing so hard. Seriously, I love that Shag!!

crochag. cockcroach on shag? i think word verification and then association has a lot to do with what you are thinking about.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Love the Charlotte's Web set! And of course I love the last picture,too!

Paz123 said...

Wow!! These toys are so cute.

RORYJEAN said...

They remind me of Polly Pockets- except with animals. I was obsessed with Polly packets when I was little. That looks like some comfortable shag.