Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So I'm sure you'll understand by now how I feel about going to the dentist. I have great teeth and have had very few problems with them, but I still can't stand going to the dentist. Don't even get me started on my orthodontist....sadistic person that he is, he is always glad to see me go for how much of a fuss I make.

My girls on the other hand love the dentist. Idolize her is more like it. When they play "doctor" at home, they both want to be the dentist and they each fight over who gets to be Dr. B. I'm not quite sure what is wrong with them. My feelings were reconfirmed today when we went to the dentist for a check-up. There was another girl there who was terrified and her mother had to practically drag her into the office. When my girls jumped up, excited and clapping when their names were called, the kid gave my girls a look like "Are you kidding me?"


On a side note, R has a bifed uvula. That means that the dangling thing at the back of her throat has a split it it. Much like a forked tongue. I always forget until the dentist calls her assistants over to "check it out". Freak show that my daughter is....


An Ordinary Mom said...

I want to see this bifed uvula :) !!

Holly said...

I'm with you, dentists are the devil! I was always the screaming kid they put in the back room and shut the door. But over the years I have finally grown up and am able to go to the dentist myself without hyperventilating. I would look at it is an extra blessing from the Lord that your kids love the dentist.

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