Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Henoch-Schönlein Purpura, or Don't Ever Ask What Next, or The Hungry Thing

One should never ask, what next? Even half-jokingly. I think I learned my lesson. My last post was only the starting point of our little adventure....

Monday was uneventful, minus one sleep-deprived, very sick mom. P was not all fine and dandy the next day, however (the Tuesday before Christmas). She started to get hives. Everywhere. All over the place. Really, really bad, very, very itchy, and she was still throwing up. Then the day after Christmas she started to get these purplish bruises all over her legs. And then red splotches all over her legs. It looked like we were alternately caning her and giving her hickeys on her legs. And she still had hives on top of it all. And I was still very, very sick.

Enter the trip to Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with something called Henoch-Schönlein purpura, it is a vascular disease. Go check it out at Wikipedia. Real fun. The pictures aren't for the faint of heart however....

we caught it early enough, so she is doing better already. The bad part however is that she has to take steroids for a month. The really bad part - P on steroids. If you have ever been on large amounts of them for a long period of time, you know the joy of the side effects. Roid rage is not a joke people. Roid rage in a 5 year old is even worse. Not to mention her raging appetite. Seriously. She can eat everyone under the table right now. She must have asked me for more food at least 75 times today. I am not exaggerating. You remember that steak that John Candy ate in The Great Outdoors? She would ask for seconds after finishing that bad boy.


Sonja said...


I'm glad they caught it early. I hope you are feeling better and that P gets better really soon. Or that someone deeds you a grocery store in the mean time. :)

I am going to take your advice to heart and never ask....well, you know.


Hope said...

I know about kids being on Steroids. Mason had to take large amounts of Steroids when he was sick with a cold. When he was younger I used to say that I was going to start a group called "Anger Management for Toddlers". A 2 year old on Roids, is no fun. Either is a 7 year old, or a 5 year old. Hang in there! I'm glad you caught her illness in time.