Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I'm keeping it short this year. And real.

1. Get up at 7am on school days. No snooze button.
2. Do not get on the computer in the morning on school days unless it is vitally important. Bloglines does not count as vitally important.
3. Be better about morning prayers with the girls.
4. Be in bed by midnight on school nights. I need to be in bed in 20 minutes. Crap. Breaking that one already.
5. Lose that last 25 lbs.

You get my theme right? Any glaringly obvious points indicating where I am failing slash struggling with right now?


Sonja said...

You and me both, sistah!

I could just copy, paste and label this as my resolution list too.

We can do it!!

Hope said...

I was just thinking, this sounds alot like my list. Especialy the no computer before the kids are off to school. And, waking up. And...I think I should just copy and paste this list too.

We can do this!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Bloglines, not vitally important? I need to make sure my fingers and brain get that message!

Good luck with your goals ... I have a lot I need to make for myself!

Holly said...

I love that you are keeping it real, making tangible goals. That is something I need to learn instead of saying vague things like 'be nicer'.