Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Girl, You'll Be a Woman (too) Soon

Her favorite color is brown. What 6 year old girl loves brown? My girl. She would choose to wear brown clothing all the time if I let her.

Her memory is incredible. She can remember minute details from things we did several years ago. I know this will come to bite me in inconvenient places later on.

Amazing rhythm as well. This girl can dance. From an early age she has had amazing moves. When she was little we used to joke that she looked like a pole dancer. I KNOW that isn't funny, but when you see your 2 year old with smooth moves like that, it's hard not to think so. Now if I could just get off my duff and get her into a class to even her out. Something like ballet....maybe tap...

She knows what she wants. She is not afraid to ask for it either. Or remind you, not-so-gently of course, if you forget.

She is quite the artist and has a great eye for detail.. She has amazing drawing skills and the stories that she creates are so cool. Right now she is working on a 25 (now 37) page Halloween story. It's a masterpiece.

She plays pig with her sister. P loves to pretend that she is a pig and R loves to indulge her. When we dropped her off at school she said to P, "I'll play pig with you when I get home." Made P's day. All she could talk about was when R would get home to play with her. And she did. She loves her sister and can be quite tender and times.


suzi said...

Like they were twins...unseparable.
I can hardly wait for your next visit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An Ordinary Mom said...

She has such a cute personality!

She and Keri really should write stories and draw together ... I think they would be in heaven!

Dreams of mommyhood said...

LOL!! I remember watching her dance. Too funny. She is an amazing kid. You are so lucky with your girls, they are both so great. =)

Maggie said...

haahahaa yes but jen how you forgot to tell them who taught rachel how to dance like that and move her body so smoothly! BAD NANA!!!! =) lol! it was cool to talk with r yesterday. and thats really cool that dan took her to get her ears pierced! i will always rember that when dad took me to the alderwood mall into the bon marche actually to get my ears pierced....for some reason i dont think it was claires but maybe it was. anway it happend when i was in the first grade too! anyway love you long time!