Sunday, October 5, 2008

Then there was one....

...and now there are none.

Go into the light little fish...

I am not against pets. I would just like to have a pet that has a lifespan longer than a dishwasher cycle. I also don't do dead things. As in disposal and removal of them. Ask my mom. I made her come home from work one day to take care of a deceased pet. I don't like dead things. Period.

We have had aquatic frogs for the last year and a half. We raised them from the tadpole stage until they were full fledged frogs. We managed to keep two frogs (Cinderella & Juan) alive for a year and a half. Pretty good if you ask me. Well, a couple of weeks ago one of them turned into a floater. It wasn't dead, but was clearly on it's way. It would move if you forced it to, but then, well, it would float again. A couple days later the other frog did the same thing.

Have I mentioned I don't like dead things?

So someone came up with the idea to grant the frogs a final wish. We called it the "make a frog's final wish foundation." Honestly, we made that up all by ourselves. Someone took them to a nearby lake and released them into the wild for a final hurrah. I did not condone this action, but then again I didn't have to dispose of them. I feared they would clog the toilet and I was not about to bury them.

So then I said in one of my not so bright moments, stop by the pet store and get a fish to ease the pain of our children. In my head I was thinking about a beta, I think they last a fairly long time. I forgot to express that thought. Came home with 10, count them 10 goldfish. The ten cent variety. I believe they are called feeder fish. ARGH! They succumbed quickly over a period of 12 days. And guess who got to dispose of them?

One not so happy lady.


Half A Dozen said...

Are these the same fish that were eating each other? Betas are really territorial (sorry for the biology lesson).

I don't do dead things either. I don't do pets now that I think of it.

RORYJEAN said...

Man, goldfish or so overrated. Everytime we have bought goldfish, they do the same thing. They start out fine, but then they float and the other fish turn into cannibals. Its gross. The frogs that you gave us are still healthy, though, woo hoooo! Thanks!

An Ordinary Mom said...

We have had two Beta. The first one lived for over 2 years. Second one, lasted a few months. Third one? It's been over a year now.