Sunday, October 12, 2008


My first tag! I'm so excited. So here are the rules.

1. Link to the person who tagged you:

2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.

4. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Random things about me. Beware.

1. Cheese drawer - I have a drawer in my fridge that is devoted solely to all types of cheese. The occasional lunch meat might make it in there, but really it is the cheese drawer and it is full of goodness. Currently - Parmesan, Mozzarella, Cheddar, cream cheese, Gruyere, Emmental, Laughing Cow, Velveeta (I know it is cheese product, but it is SO good) and Asiago/Romano. I LUV cheese. Story - the first time I ate Brie, I cut the rind/skin off. I didn't know you were supposed to eat it. Plus it was kind of nasty looking. I'm raising my girls to not be so gauche. They know the right way to eat it and LOVE it.

2. Colonel Sanders - I have kissed Colonel Sanders, of KFC, that is. Yep the Colonel himself. And I have a photo of me puckering up. I was probably one and a half. The details are fuzzy in my head, but my dad was a manger of a KFC back in the day and for some reason I got to meet him and give him smooches.

3. Trumpet - I play the trumpet. I used to be really quite good at it too, but since having my braces off 2 years ago, I'm too paranoid to play it much. See, my trumpet mouthpiece is part of what made my teeth the nasty bucktooth mess that they were. I don't want to go back to that.

4. Alaska - I worked in Alaska in the fishing industry. I started off at a salmon cannery in between school years during college. It could only get better from there! After I graduated from college I worked in Alaska for almost an entire year in various locations. Topping this whole experience off was working on a factory/vessel in the Bering Sea during the winter. Not to be repeated.

5. I am addicted to chapstick. I am miserable without it. I have 2 in my car, 1 in the kitchen, 1 in my purse, 1 in the bathroom, 1 next to the computer and 2 in my bedroom. Oh, and 1 in my pocket. They usually migrate and will end up all in one location and none with me.

6.) My family is confusing. Sorting out the siblings is even crazier. I am the oldest of 7. Split into two different families. I'll spare you the break down, but needless to say it is confusing.

Mom's name - Susan (Suzi)
Step-mom's name - Susan
Step-dad's name - Joe
Father-in-law's name - Joe

Brother - Ryan
Step-brother - Ryan
Step-sister - Holly
Half-brother - Gavin
Half-sister - Maggie
Half-sister - Cassie

With 2 brothers named Ryan, I can't even describe how confusing it is. It was even worse when they were little!

So tag, Diana, Danielle, Jessica, Hope, Cricket, Calley. I hope you give me some good reading material!


The Soptich clan said...

Whew, I hope I can live up to expectations on some random material! Don't let me forget to do this...

Diana said...

So, I'm pretty much a random person...but now that you ask me to think of something, I'm having a rather difficult time.

Half A Dozen said...

I posted mine! :)

lefty said...

You are one tough woman!!! Wow.

I also have a cheese drawer. Have you had those new pepperjack cheese sticks? Awesome for the go.

Holly said...

You are hilarious! I love reading about your crazy life. I love that you love cheese, and I love that there is someone else out there with a chapstick addiction! I thought I'd die in the temple the other night since I forgot to put some in my pocket!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You are my kind of crazy. =)