Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Hangers and Toilet Paper

As I was doing some quick clean-up around the house the other day and making my Costco shopping list, I had an epiphany about a couple of my many quirks.

First off is toilet paper. I remember many a times growing up we would be low, really, really low on toilet paper. In a house with 6 people that creates a potential for disaster. Now, as an adult, I have found that I have to have no less than two (2!) Costco size packages of toilet paper in my house. One of them must be unopened and when the other gets below half full, I buy another package. So sometimes that makes 3 packages at home. What a freak.

Second is hangers. We also had a hanger shortage for quite a while at home. I remember sneaking into other closets at home and stealing any empty hangers and whisking them back to my closet. Where they would promptly be stolen back when empty. So now, in my kids closet I must have triple the amount of hangers that they need. As for myself, I must have two dozen empty hangers in a spare closet. We had a roommate who moved out recently and asked if we needed any extra hangers. Yes, please. I inspected the bag that she left us, there must be at least a hundred hangers in it. SCORE!

I shall never go without again.


Hope said...

Isn't it funny how some things carry from our childhood-into our adulthood? One of my quirks-having to have our laundry done & put away. My Mom would do the laundry, but rarely put it away. She would put the towels away..because we went through so many of them.

Dreams of mommyhood said...

Oh my gosh, did we grow up in the same house hold?! I have the same issues, and Jose often asks me why we have sooo many hangers. I used to sneak them out of my sisters closet, and she would snag them back. There were 6 in my house growing up too. Too funny. =)

My thing is wearing my socks until they have holes in them. Growing up socks were hard to come by, so to this day I still wear socks until they have holes in them, and if it is little, I keep on wearing them. Jose says to me "poor baby, can't even afford to buy socks". Then he promptly tears them to shreds and throws them away. =)

Duchess said...

HA! I have both of those same issues! It is clear that it must just be a part of having grown up in a family of six. Yep, there were six of us too.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Large families make for scarce things. I, too, have to have plenty of hangers around.

I also still cook large meals, even though there are only 2 adults in our house. I must admit, though, having left overs around makes it possible for me to not have to cook as often. That I like.