Thursday, September 18, 2008


We went to Chelan last weekend to make up for our mostly pitiful summer. We found this great little cabin on the lake. We left early Friday, (yes, R didn't go to school.) I didn't really care about keeping R out of school, since there was no way she was going to get the perfect attendance award when she graduated from high school anyway. Really though, with how crappy I have been feeling the last couple of months, I just didn't care. We (I) needed a vacation.

Once we got settled into our place we rented a boat and headed out onto the water for some fun. We took a wake board along with us, but no one seemed to be able to figure it out.

So, we pulled out the inter tube for a fun game of "See-How-High-You-Can-Make-One-Another-Fly." I did not participate. We even got R on the tube for about 30 seconds. Way to go girl!

P even got in on a little of the action. She was so cute driving the boat.

So all the fun and games took it's toll on me and I took a little nap in the front of the boat while my family tried hard to inflict bodily harm on one another without damaging relationships.
That night we played a fun game of "See-Who-Can-Kill-The-Most-Fruit-Flies-Without-Breaking-The-Windows." We have the best games. We were invaded by several hundred fruit flies. Nasty. Needless to say we got some good anger management therapy out of ending their lives.
On Saturday we rented a jet ski. Let me interject before you think we are loaded. Chelan in the off-season is pretty affordable.

So we hung out on the beach all day and everyone took turns going out on the jet ski. The girls had the best time on the jet ski with their Aunt C, they kept begging her for more. I wasn't feeling too great so I crashed in a very comfy lawn chair for a large majority of the day. Like the view?

We had dinner at what used to be a Mexican restaurant but is now a "Latin Free-style Fusion" restaurant. Whatever. It was delicious.

On Sunday, we headed back and stopped at Lake Wentachee for a little swim. Lake Chelan is a great lake, but not very swimmer friendly unless you are in the designated swim areas. Lake Wenatchee is the exact opposite. R, P & I swam.

What a great way to end the summer.


The Soptich clan said...

Owww, my heart! I love Lake Chelan! I'm glad you guys got to get away for a while. Fruit flies and all.

Hope said...

Looks like you guys had FUN! I hope you are feeling better. And no fun this summer? So Mexico fun? The girls are getting so big!

An Ordinary Mom said...

Loaded? I knew it :) !!

Thanks for the tip. This sounds like a fabulous getaway. I love boats and jet skis, but they are so expensive to rent. Now I know the secret.

I am glad everyone had so much fun!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom! said...

You're right! That is a great way to end the summer.