Monday, September 8, 2008

The Clean Floor Theory

Why is it that whenever I feel inspired to clean my kitchen floor (which isn't often), within several hours, someone - no names here (P) undoes my hard work. She is the reason I gave up cleaning the stupid floor in the first place. I couldn't handle the stress of it. She invariably makes a huge mess unlike any of her regular messes within hours. Case in point- today I gave her a treat after lunch. One of those yummy lik-o-stiks I used to love when I was a kid. Remember that pure sugar stick with all that yummy sour powder? Heaven. Well today I was thinking about ways to avoid a mess and put the powder in a cup. No point having her deal with that awkward package right? This way she can't make a mess right? Wrong. For some reason which I still don't understand she decided to pour the powder onto the table and swirl the stick around in the powder. Which then proceeded to fall on the floor. And was very sticky. And highly invisible. I found out later when I came into the kitchen in bare feet no less. Gross. So guess what I got to do again? Yep, clean that stupid floor again.


An Ordinary Mom said...

No wonder I don't mop :) !!

Signe said...

You're SO not alone! lol It's pretty sad when my mop begins to become a mecca for spider webs.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

Ha ha. You read my post today, about eating off my floor? Looks like we agree. =)

I love lick-a-sticks!