Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seriously funny!

I'm trying to figure how to add video clips, so bear with me. I loved this clip, which I am sure everyone has already seen, but I still thought I'd share it. I thought that Tina Fey pegged Palin and, well, Amy Poehler is awesome. If anyone has any advice or instructions on how to embed, make links etc, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!


The Soptich clan said...

I know, I died laughing, Tina Fey's accent was perfect. Definitely the best part of that episode, Michael Phelps wasn't anything to scream about.
And no, I have TiVo, of course I didn't stay up that late :)
How are you doing??

lefty said...

If you know how to add a photo then you can add a video. Just click the icon that looks like a film strip and put the URL (web address) in the spot indicated.... but you know what...people have given me directions on this blog thing and i still can't figure things out.
Thanks for the political clip--I haven't checked it out but I LOVE those ladies. I still haven't seen the movie, have you?