Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Children of the Corn

I am speechless. And angry. I saw this commercial on tv yesterday and just about flipped my lid. I'm still trying to process it. I thought I was hallucinating. The Big Fat Liars. We KNOW it isn't good for us. Don't lie.

The big jug of purple mystery juice made me laugh however. Have you ever tasted that stuff?

In our house we drink water. So far I haven't been told that it is bad for us, so I guess we'll stick with it until further notice.


RORYJEAN said...

Hahahaha. Oh man. "High frusctose corn syrup is good for you because is "natural," smoking isn't unhealthy and drinking diet soda is a good way to lose weight." It's so funny what those marketers try to get us to swallow. What a crock.

Lucy van Pelt said...

Now those are some lying liars that lie -- but wait! High fructose corn syrup is all-natural, just like marijuana, tobacco, and strychnine (from the seeds of a tree).

Half A Dozen said...

I guess it would hurt their industry to add that since the push for HFCS that obesity rates have skyrocketed.

So is alcohol, cigars, and whole lot of other stuff.